Let's discuss all our options for satisfying Canada's current and future energy demands, their sustainability and viability. We will then open a new category for each viable option, in order to gather as much information from all sources as possible, exhausting all possible avenues of debate, before negotiating acceptable compromises and coming to votes.


Pursue a Self-Sufficient Energy Model with greater public interest in the natural resources sector, resulting in increased long-term cost-effectiveness and sustainable public investments.

Wind Turbines

Right now it costs $100/tonne to incinerate our waste where as it costs $50/tonne to dump it. Mind you that $50/tonne doesnt take into account the damage done from dumping waste over time..

Solar Power - Solar Updraft Tower

Goats on treadmills

High energy plasma incineration of our waste. This creates a gas called syngas which is used to create electricity and the waste is a non toxic vitreous rock which can be crushed and used up to 30% replacement for concrete (which is energy intensive to create) or it can be used in asphalt. Each unit can produce enough energy to power a city the size of Montreal and some of its outskirts..

Geothermal Power

Tidal Power


Nuclear Power

Solar Power - Solar Cells

Atmospheric Electricity

Hydroelectricity - Pumped-Storage

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