Collusion with Foreign Interests

Collusion with Foreign Interests

Charges: Collusion, Negligence in Preventing Foreign Influence, Treason Evidence: ample Credibility: 1


Trudeau Foundation received donations from Chinese Billionaires sympathetic to the Communist Party of China.

Endangered National and International Security by exposing critical and essential Defense Network Infrastructure to foreign ownership.

Doated $830,000 of taxpayer funds to the CCP AFTER the CCP had released the COVID-19 bio-weapon on our country's people.

Senior CSIS Official Tells CBC in this Interview that there are confirmed foreign actors within the highest positions of government: Yet all government parties failed to prevent foreign interference right up to the present day, as evidenced by the chair of the parliamentary intelligence oversight committee, David McGuinty MP:

Openly bragged, when asked which country he admire's most, that he ADMIRES China's Basic DICTATORSHIP:

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