Do you want a New Canadian Government?

Do you want a New Canadian Government?

Did you know that our current government is 'De Facto', meaning "Illegitimate"? We, the People of Canada, have the right and authority to convene a new government, as well as new constitutional documents. 🍁 Is it time for a New Government? - Vote "UP" for "YES" and "DOWN" for "NO". (Back to


The De Facto government isn’t acting on behalf of the people for the people and needs to step down immediately. The pseudo government has caused harm to every Canadian citizen causing people to needlessly die due to the governments actions allowing Covid-19 to spread in Canada. It locked seniors down in solitary confinement dying alone, it has increased suicides, homelessness, collapsed businesses, people have been forced to sell possessions, loss of houses, discrimination, mental abuse...

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